The Plug Guard Electrical Outlet Insulator Seal Cover Multi-Pack


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The Plug Guard insulated switch and outlet plate cover seals drafts and insulates home sockets for energy savings while keeping unoccupied sockets covered for added child safety. The Plug Guard’s spring-activated doors slide open for plug in and automatically close when no plug in is present in the socket. Easy to install, no special skills or tools are needed. UL Listed, comes complete with installation instructions. Deal socket drafts a blow of their own with the Plug Guard.

Installation Instructions

  • Shut off Circuit Breaker at Fuse BoxRemove existing wall plate by turning screw counter-clockwise.
  • Position Plug Guard in place and turn screw clock-wise to secure without over tightening.
  • Turn power back on and use as needed.

Package Contents
3 per multi-pack


Plug Guard Specifications

  • 3 inches wide by x 4.75 inches high x 5/8 inch thick.
  • Two sliding doors, bottom moves down and top moves up. Each door is 1.75 inches wide and 2 inches high
  • Door opens only wide enough to expose the actual outlet.

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