Solaro Day Solar Daylight Simulator Kit with Battery Backup



Solaro Daylight Simulator
Solaro Day’s LED lighting transforms “hard to light” areas into bright happy spaces by providing the same spectrum as natural light from the sun. The Solaro solar lighting system produces healthy daylight without the harmful effects of ultraviolet sunlight which can cause fading of carpets and furniture as does conventional skylighting systems. The Solaro Day can be installed in any room in the house, unlike traditional tubular skylights that have installation restrictions.

Solaro Day with Battery Backup
Solaro Day is a stand alone single point daylight simulator. This kit includes battery back up for night time use. This system can be hooked up to a light switch to work when you want it to!

How Does Solaro Day Work?
Starting out at the roof level, Solaro has designed a line of special proprietary solar panels that collect sunlight, even on cloudy days, and converts it into safe low voltage DC power. Solaro sends that power to a Solaro Day daylight simulator for use inside your home or office. The Solaro Day daylight simulator will create the same light that a traditional or tubular skylight creates but without the costly installation including the cutting of a large hole in your roof or ceiling. The Solaro Day typically requires only a 1/2″ diameter hole drilled into your roof for the interconnect cable making the installation fast and simple!

Solaro Day Advantages

  • Provides light in the same spectrum as natural sunlight.
  • Non-intrusive. (No leaks, no cutting)
  • Completely solar powered.
  • No fading of carpet or furniture.
  • Beneficial to your overall health. (Produces vitamin D)
  • No limits to location of installation.
  • Indoor plant growth.
  • Use at night with battery storage.

Solaro Day Steps

Solaro Day Direct Drive Kit Contents

  • Solar Panel
  • Solaro Day Light Fixture
  • 25 ft. Interconnect Cable (additional sold separate)
  • 2 Solar Panel Mounting Brackets
  • Remodel Box (for retro-fit work)
  • Complete D.I.Y. Installation Instructions
  • Battery Box
  • 12 Volt Gel Cell Battery
  • Charge Controller
  • On/Off switch
  • Circuit Breaker

Solaro Day Warranty Information
Solaro Day solar powered lighting systems are durable and designed to last. They come with a Limited 25-Year Warranty (solar panel and diffuser) and 10-Year Warranty (opto semi conductors and light engine). The Solaro Day is built to provide years or reliable, maintenance-free performance. See the Solaro Day Limmited Warranty included with every product for complete details on coverages, limitation, and exclusions.

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