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The Rain Mover  gutter protection system is a unique high quality, low cost, fiber filter that installs along the gutter line and over the hangers or spikes. The patent pending design is manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled PET fiber. Rain Mover comes complete with a germicide to help prevent mold and mildew growth, a UV stabilizer to reduce the affect of sunshine on the surface of the product and a flame retardant.

Unlike the popular triangle shaped foam filter inserts Rain Mover is not placed into the gutter below the gutter hangers, it therefore, cannot interfere with the water flow through the gutter and it will not collect debris as the Foam filters do because they are below the gutter line. Rain Mover sits above the effective water line thus always allowing for a clear flowing channel to the downspout. It is also strong and durable and able to withstand the compressive forces of heavy debris and Ice and Snow. In winter it can prevent the gutter from becoming an Ice anchor around the home.


Rain Mover is easily installed; it comes with a Peel & Seal outdoor durable construction glue backing that allows it to be fixed tightly to the back of the gutter line or fascia board below the last shingle in a straight line over the hangers or the spikes. The tapered front is then tucked tightly under the lip of the gutter forming a very secure and tight fit from front to back; this tight fit also allows the filter to greatly resist downward force that might be put on it in winter by snow or Ice without diminishing the filtering capability of the Fiber.

Sizes / Quantities

  • 5 inch size (K-style or half round):  total of 48′ per box   (The 5” K- Style is the most popular size and style of gutter in the USA)
  • 6 inch size (K-style of half round):  total of 40′ per box

K-Style gutters are the most common type of gutter used in residential applications. They are flat on the bottom. Half-round gutters are round-shaped gutters and are more commonly used in pole buildings and commercial buildings but are becoming increasingly popular for residential applications.


Made from Recycled PET

PET is Recycled Plastic water bottles, plastic milk cartons, soft drink bottles etc.. They are melted, treated and then reformed into fiber sheets. This environmentally sustainable use of discarded plastic containers is a practical application of recycling and can contribute immensely to a reduction in the quantity of plastics going into landfills and it reduces our carbon footprint in general.

Warranty Information

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Weight 18 lbs




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  1. Chris

    Hi, can you give more details on the difference between k Style and Half Round, and possible show some more pictures?


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