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American Clay Penetrating Sealer
American Clay’s Penetrating Sealer is a low-VOC, soy resin/acrylic spray-on sealer which provides increased hardness and sheen to the American Clay line of products. American Clay sealers also provide additional hardness to the final surface when Mud Glue is not used. Penetrating Sealer is always used before the Gloss Sealer, which brings high sheen to the plaster surface.

Used as a low-sheen sealer for American Clay Earth Plasters or as a pre-seal for American Clay Gloss Sealer, our penetrating sealer increases the durability and water resistance of the final plaster. A single coat imparts a low-sheen to our plasters. Two to three coats produce a hard, semi-gloss finish that makes the surface easier to clean and more water-resistant. It can be used on surfaces subject to occasional moisture, such as walls behind sinks and around bathtubs, but not on walls in constant contact with direct water sprays. A slight change in color may occur with American Clay Penetrating Sealer. We recommend testing a small area on your wall to see the color change.

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