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Marmoleum Dual Tile Natural LinoleumMarmoleum Natural Linoleum: Eco-Friendly Flooring
Forbo Marmoleum flooring has never been more beautiful. Marmoleum natural linoleum is made from some of the best stuff on earth: linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour, cork, limestone, organic pigments and jute backing spun from renewable plants (polyester for Dual Tiles).

Marmoleum Dual Tiles Are Serious Fun
Marmoleum Dual Tiles contrasting pigments , combined with a special production technique, create a deep, pronounced structure, giving the floor an almost stone-like appearance. Marmoleum Neutral and saturated colors are available, for a combined total of 32 unique tile color expressions.

Carton Contents for Dual Tiles
13″ x 13″ carton of 9 (10.82 sq. ft.) $5.08 per sq. ft.
13″ x 13″ carton of 45 (53.82 sq. ft.) $4.81 per sq. ft.
20″ x 20″ carton of 20 (53.82 sq. ft.) $4.81 per sq. ft

Note: Marmoleum Dual Tile is being phased out, yet there is still stock remaining for many of the Dual Tile colors. Please call for availability!  Please see the new Marmoleum Modular product for new sizes and colors!


13″ x 13″ approx. (33 cm x 33 cm)
20″ x 20″ approx. (50 cm x 50 cm)

Gauge: 1/10″ (2.5 mm)
Backing: Polyester

More Information
Installation Manual
Ambering Brochure

Forbo Residential Warranty

Residential Care Guide

Estimates, Quotes & Installation
Please call our store for quotes or estimates. Professional, certified installers are highly recommended. Please ask for the nearest installer of Forbo Marmoleum Products in your area


Accessories for Marmoleum Dual Tile

Forbo L885 Sheet & Tile Adhesiveis a solvent-free acrylic polymer adhesive recommended for use with Marmoleum Dual Tile and all grade levels of concrete, as well as approved suspended wood floors. Marmoleum T940 Tile Adhesive for Forbo Flooring
Marmoleum Floor Finish provides a beautiful, long-lasting, protective finish for all Forbo linoleum floors. Suitable for use on linoleum or any traditional vinyl floor covering, Floor finish makes cleaning easier and less frequent. Quart of Marmoleum Floor Finish
Marmoleum Floor Cleaner is environmentally friendly and manufactured from renewable, non-toxic ingredients containing no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Marmoleum Floor Cleaner leaves behind a fresh, clean fragrance. Quart of Marmoleum Cleaner for Forbo Flooring
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