Franmar Soy-Strip Marine Coating Remover / Paint Stripper




Franmar Soy-Strip Marine Coating Remover

Franmar Soy-Strip Marine Coating Remover removes antifouling paint on the bottom of boats. Designed to remove multiple layers in one application. Franmar Soy Strip is a clean, green, and simple solution to removing anti-fouling paint from boat hulls

Product Features:

  • Solvent based remover with NO Methylene Chloride, Caustics, Acids or MEK’s.
  • Leaves no chemical residue, needs no neutralizing.
  • Will not harm gel coating.
  • Will not burn or blister the skin.
  • Meets EPA National Clean Marina Guidelines.
  • Coverage area – up to 200 sq. ft. per gallon horizontally and up to 150 sq. ft. per gallon vertically.
  • Stays wet for extended periods of time.

One of the most environmentally damaging aspects of traditional boating maintenance involves the periodic need to apply anti-fouling paint to your vessel’s hull.

The first step in this process usually involves removing the old paint.

Various methods have been used to accomplish this task, and until recently they all had a very negative environmental impact.

Sanding and sandblasting are one of the most widely used techniques to remove old bottom paint. This technique almost always produces a toxic cloud that is difficult to keep from drifting into the nearby waterways, and of course the atmosphere.

Heat guns have been used with varying degrees of success, however, heating a substance like paint to the melting point produces all sorts of noxious fumes.

Applying chemical compounds designed to weaken and dissolve paint so it can later be scraped off is another frequently used means of removing old paint.

Needless to say, these traditional strippers were designed with very little thought to how they would affect the environment. The active ingredient in most of them is methylene chloride, a known carcinogen.

Made in America by Franmar, Soy Strip Marine Coating Remover is a soybean-based liquid that does a nasty job with ease, working as well or better than the toxic, synthetic products it replaces, without causing harm to the environment or those using it.

Practical Sailor magazine had this to say about Soy Strip in their November 2006 edition:

“In 2000, we tested Franmar’s Soy Gel stripper, and found it slightly less effective than our two favorites from Peel Away. This time(2006) we were given Soy Strip, which has 10 percent more active ingredient than Soy Gel. It is not a new product: just one that we missed. Like Soy Strip, Soy Gel is advertised as a “natural” solution to removing anti-fouling paints, urethanes, and enamels from boat hulls. It has no odor, and a very low evaporation rate.

While not as thick as some of the other strippers, Soy Strip still had excellent cling and remained moist during the entire six-hour test period. After just 30 minutes, it removed 90 percent of the paint in a small test scrape, and at the six-hour mark, it removed approximately 95 percent of the bottom paint from the test panel.

Bottom Line: Soy Strip is powerful. It removed move paint faster than any other stripper, even the “fast-acting” ones. Impressed, we tested it a second time and after one hour the section treated with Soy Strip scraped off almost effortlessly.”

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