Franmar EBC Exterior Building Cleaner – All Natural Zero VOC Exterior Surface Cleaner




Franmar EBC Exterior Building Cleaner – Zero VOC Natural Cleaner Made from Pineapple

EBC is a blend of mild natural acids and super infused surfactants. EBC is ideal for cleaning building exteriors and
removing efflorescence, cement film, lime residues, mortar residues, moss and algae, light surface rust and
environmental dirt. Originally designed for the approved use on St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna, Austria, EBC is
suitable for use on all natural stones, polished surfaces, aluminum, stucco, fine stoneware, tiles, high-alloyed steel,
stainless steel, glass, plastic, ceramics and much more. EBC is a fantastic product for cleaning swimming pools and
works excellent as a basic and maintenance sanitary cleaner.

For Cleaning:

  • Building Exteriors
  • Efflorescence
  • Cement Film
  • Lime Residue
  • Mortar Residue
  • Moss and Algae
  • Surface Rust


  • Flash Point: Will not burn.
  • pH Level: 2.62 pH of 1/10 wt/wt solution in soft water.
  • VOC: 0%
  • Vapor Pressure: Not determined.
  • Odor: Mild Odor
  • Conditions to avoid: May react with active metals, oxidizing agents, cyanide salts or sulfide salts.
  • Packaged: Gallon, 2 1/2 Gallon, 55 Gallon Drum
  • Coverage: Depending on mixing ratio up to 200- 600 sq. ft. per gallon


Dilute EBC 1:10 (one part EBC to ten parts water), or for lighter cleaning EBC may be diluted 1:30. Spray on building, if needed work with brush or other cleaning tool. Rinse with clean water. For floors, pour or spray on, use a rotating cleaning pad or brush. Pick up dirty water with suction or mop. Rinse with fresh water. If all the dirt has not been removed, repeat the process. As a basic and maintenance sanitary cleaner, mix in a ratio from pure to 1:50.


  • Adjacent objects must be protected.
  • Preliminary test should be carried out before starting work.
  • Ideal working temperatures: 40 ̊F to 80 ̊F.
  • Switch off any under-floor heating.
  • When cleaning marble and limestone, ALWAYS test first at a concealed point.

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