Forbo Spray Buff (Commercial Use)




Forbo Spray Buff

Forbo Spray Buff is an ideal companion for any environmentally preferable floor care program. It meets today’s need for a product that contains no zinc or other heavy metals that can be harmful to wastewater treatment systems. Regular use of this product will keep floors looking great. A special proprietary mix of acrylic polymers and surfactants will bond to the surface of the floor to create an anti-slip surface, while reducing the negative impact conventional floor care products have on our environment.


Remove surface dirt from the floor by sweeping up excess dirt and dust and then clean with a quality neutral pH cleaner to remove dirt and oils. Spray a fine mist of Forbo Spray Buff onto the floor in front of the floor machine just prior to buffing. DO NOT OVERWET. Use a spray buff pad and buff to a high shine. Turn pad over or replace as necessary.

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