BioShield Penetrating Oil Sealer

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The first thing you’ll notice about the penetrating oils is that the characteristic smell associated with petroleum-based products is missing. That’s because the penetrating oils are crafted from Linseed Oil, plants, and other less hazardous materials. Oil finishes are the easiest finishes to apply — anyone can achieve great results. The oils come in an assortment of sizes to suit every need, and are an outstanding buy.

#5 oil is a high-solids primer that excels at sealing cork, dry and absorbent woods, and large surfaces such as floors and architectural woodwork. It’s also our recommendation for sealing beams, wooden boats, and masonry such as stone, slate, and brick. Use it as a primer for BioShield products #3, #4, #30, #32, #44, and #99.

Penetrating oils are best applied by pad applicators or brush, but the materials being finished can also be sprayed or dipped. Surfaces should be sound, dust free, and free of contaminants such as mildew, oil, and grease. The maximum moisture content for softwoods should not exceed 18 percent and hardwoods should not exceed 12 percent moisture.Very resinous woods such as teak must be cleaned with BioShield Citrus Thinner, and other exotic woods should be wiped with an alcohol thinner (ethanol). Generally speaking, the best results are obtained by applying oils with a professional quality natural bristle brush. After allowing the oil to penetrate for approximately 25 minutes, the surface is buffed with a soft, absorbent, lint-free cotton cloth, and the process is repeated 24 hours later.

Approximately 100 to 150 square feet per liter depending the rate of absorbency and the surface texture.

Clarified Linseed Oil, Lead-free Dryers (Zircon, Cobalt Octoat), and essential oils.

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