BioShield Natural Resin Floor Finish



BioShield Resin Floor Finish is a clear to slight amber, traditional, oil-based finish intended to be installed after priming the surface with BioShield Oil Primer #1 or Penetrating Sealer #5. It creates a durable, flexible seal on many types of flooring and comes in a satin sheen.

Natural Resin Floor Finish Specifications
BioShield Resin Floor Finish is suitable for use on floors of all types including hardwood, softwood, adobe, stone, terra cotta, brick and cork. The resulting finish is breathable and elastic and will create depth and dimension in flooring substrates of all types.

0.75 liter, 2.5o liters & 0.12 liter sample

Semi Gloss & High Gloss

Natural Resin Floor Finish Application
Two to three coats of this product are recommended. Application is by brush. The surface should be absorbent, and free of dust, grease, wax, oil, nicotine and other contaminants. Wood surfaces should be primed with one or two coats of BioShield Oil Primer #1. Highly absorbent wood floors, adobe, terra cotta tile and cork should be primed with one or two coats of #5 Penetrating Oil Sealer. As a general guide, you can plan on two coats of this product for new floors and one for recoat situations. Highly absorbent surfaces such as adobe or cork will perform best with three coats.

Natural Resin Floor Finish Coverage, Notes & Ingredients
BioShield Resin Floor Finish will cover from 120 to 160 square feet per liter, depending on substrate absorbency and other variables. Drying time of 24 hours between coats is recommended. BioShield Resin Floor Finish will attain its full strength after curing for several days. Ingredients: Linseed Oil, Soy Alkyd Resin, Colophony (Rosin), Isoaliphatics, Lead-free Dryers (Zircon, Cobalt Octoat), Silica and Oximes (Anti-skinning Agent).

For Brush Application Only. Natural Resin Floor Finish must not be thinned or sprayed.


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