BioShield Hard Oil



Low-VOC, low-oder hard oil creates a deeply penetrating finish that is hard to beat for most wood surfaces. Especially recommended for high-traffic areas. Suitable for hardwood and softwood floors.

Hard Oil becomes a clear to slightly amber, breathable and elastic coating with superior water-resistant characteristics. It will enhance the grain of any wood and is an economical product because of its coverage characteristics.

Hard Oil #9 can be applied by brush or spray to dry, absorbent surfaces free from contaminants such as oil, grease, wax and nicotine. The moisture content for hardwoods should be 12 percent or less and for softwoods it should be 18 percent or less. Very resinous woods such as teak should be cleaned with BioShield Thinner #23 and other exotic woods should be wiped with an alcohol thinner (Ethanol).

The oil should be applied in a thin, even coat, and we recommend two to three coats. After the oil has been applied, any excess must be wiped from the surface approximately 15 to 20 minutes with a soft, lint-free absorbent cotton cloth. After allowing the final coat of #9 to dry for at least 24 hours, we recommend a finishing coat of our Natural Resin Floor Finish #4, Floor Wax Impregnation #30, Floor Hardwax #32 or Wax Finish #39. Drying times will vary due to application method, surface porosity and climate.

Hard Oil #9 will cover 150 to 300 square feet per liter depending upon surface absorbency.

Linseed Oil, Tung Oil, Colophonium Resin, Castor Stand Oil, Isoaliphatics, Lead-free dryers (Zircon, Cobalt Octoat) and Oximes (Anti-skinning agent).


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