BioShield Floor Milk



Great on sealed and waxed floors of all types, including wood, cork, linoleum, and stone, BioShield Floor Milk helps build a dirt-resistant, anti-static, breathable, and water-resistant coating to keep your floors looking fabulous when added to your regular cleaning routine.

BioShield Floor Milk Specifications & Application
BioShield Healthy Living Floor Milk is made from an emulsion of carnauba wax and coconut soap. Apply directly to floor surface with a damp mop, allow to dry for 30 to 60 minutes, then lightly buff with a dry mop. BioShield Healthy Living Floor Milk can also be added to warm water and used to clean floors.

Available Sizes: 1 Liter & 5 Liters

BioShield Floor Milk Ingredients: Carnauba Wax, Water & Coconut Soap


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