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Create The Magnificence of Pure Color Through Clay
For a number of years, BioShield has been a trendsetter in interior Clay Paints. Clay is one of the oldest and cleanest building materials available. At the same time, it offers state-of-the-art, high performance paint technology for a healthy home. We don’t talk about green building, we do it!

BioShield Clay Paints come in soft, soothing, nuanced colors as well as in exceptionally vivid and bright colors. Because Clay Paints are made with natural occurring earthborn clays and pigments, they reflect beauty from the inside out and capture the centuries-old warm ambience of aged adobe as well as clay and lime plasters.

In memory of the color schemes of Old Italy, we are calling it the VENETIAN COLLECTION. Enjoy the beauty of Mediteranean art and culture without leaving home.

Clay Paints can simulate everything from real clay plasters to lime stucco. They are a perfect way to turn ordinary walls into walls that are anything but. They can be applied to most interior surfaces, including previously painted sound surfaces, gypsum board (drywall), various plasters, and masonry.

BioShield Clay Paints are self priming, spatter resistant and have strong coverability. To satisfy the highest paint standard, we suggest two coats of Clay Paint over new drywall or existing firm coats of paint. The first coat being the priming and the second being the finishing coat. Only when a strong color difference exists (generally from very dark to very light) may a third coat be required. 

Washability of a paint is a testing procedure that shows the abrasion resistance of a paint. It generally does not indicate that a paint is suited for frequent cleaning nor does it say anything about the resistance of a paint to dirt, grease, and other contaminants. 

For extra protection in high-impact areas such as hallways and kitchens, we recommend using BioShield Wall Glaze #15: sprayed, sponged, or therwise applied (not rolled!) over a Clay Paint surface. 

For bathrooms Clay Paint can only be used in low-impact areas and areas that do not receive regular water exposure (such as around showers and sinks).

In normal living environments, Clay Paints have moisture regulating and odor reducing properties. They provide optimum breathability and are no-odor, non-toxic, no-voc.

300-400 square feet per gallon, depending upon surface texture and porosity.

Water, Clay, Porcelain Clay, Chalk, Alcohol Ester (as a binder), Cellulose, Pigments, Preservative.

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