BioShield Citrus Thinner



BioShield Citrus Thinner is an environmentally-friendly solution for oil-based clean-ups. BioShield has combined two products into one, replacing Paint Thinner #24 and Natural Citrus Thinner #22.

Degreasing Cleaner
Healthy Living Citrus Thinner has a mild citrus fragrance and can work as a degreaser. Around the home it’s perfect for cleaning greasy kitchen stoves, bicycles, crayon marks, tar, glue, gum, wax, fresh oil paint and oily stains.

0.75 liter, 2.5 liters, 0.12 liter sample

Product Usage
Paint thinner #23 is a low-odor and economical solvent that can be used for clean-up of the following oil-based products: #1 Primer Oil, #2 Herbal Oil, #3 Resin & Oil Finish, #30 Floor Wax, #36 Hard-Oil Wax, #4 Resin Floor Finish, #5 Penetrating Oil, #9 Hard Oil and #99 Wood Impregnation

Product Specifications
BioShield Citrus Thinner is a good, general-purpose, transparent cleaner and thinner for all of our oil-based products. It is also a great replacement for petroleum-based mineral spirits and turpentine. It works well as a surface cleaner for resinous woods and for grease, grime, brushes and other tools. Ingredients: isopar and orange peel oil (d-limonene).

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