Applegate Cotton Armor R4 Cotton Duct Wrap – Duct Insulation


Applegate Cotton Duct Insulation at 50% off!




Applegate Cotton Armor R4 Cotton Duct Wrap – Duct Insulation

Applegate Cotton Insulation is safe and clean to install – it does not itch either!  This Cotton Duct Wrap is 10 inches wide by 15 feet long, for a total of 12.5 square feet.  Thus, a box of 6 would total 75 square feet.  Let us know the dimensions of your heating and cooling ducts and we can help you figure out how much Cotton Duct Insulation you need.

If you currently feel cold air coming out of your furnace vents for a few minutes after the furnace kicks on, you will notice a big difference after insulating your ducts!

This Cotton Duct Insulation could also be used for van, bus, and RV conversions, especially in a floor or roof where you have less depth to work with.  For example, in a Ford Transit Van with a 6-foot by 11-foot floor, a box of 6 duct wraps that totals 75 square feet would more than cover the 66 square feet of floor.

Or this Cotton Duct Wrap could be used to make moveable insulation in your home.

We are selling this cotton duct insulation at close to 50% off (no returns!).

Contractors, installers, non-profits, and van conversion outfits, we can quote you bargain pallet prices!  Best prices for community energy efficiency efforts!

Applegate Cotton Duct Insulation

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Weight 2
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Single, Case of 3, Case of 6


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