American Made Grid Tied Pole Mounted Solar Panel PV System


This entire system is manufactured in the United States.

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Our Global Watt grid tied pole mounted PV system consists of 3 basic parts:

This design is a 1000 watt pv system that can be easily configured to meet your individual needs. Please feel free to call us or email sales@Eco-Building Products for more information. We’d be happy to provide a more detailed explanation of this system or design a system that is tailored for your specific application.

1. Global Watt Solar Panel 240. A mono and poly crystalline module manufactured in Saginaw, MI from Great Lake sand.
American Made Solar Panel

2. Enphase MicroInverter System. The most efficient grid-tied inverter on the market that provide real time performance data on each panel in an array. System consists of three components:

A. M 190 Microinverter: Attaches to each solar panel and converts DC power to high quality grid compliant AC Power.

B. Energy Management Unit: Collects and transmits real time performance of each solar panel to a wall mounted monitor inside the home and to a proprietary website for the homeowner to view 24/7.

C. Enlighten Website: An internet website that solar system owners can access to monitor daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime production of the system. Alerts owner and installer, if panel performance is below standard performance and more.

3. Direct Power & Water, Top of Pole Mount. A rigid and durable single axis (rotates along the north and south axis) top of pole mount that is simple to install and maintain.

Please Note:

  • These prices do not include the cost of installation and other electrical components that will be required at installation such as home run wiring, AC disconnects, conduit, miscellaneous fittings, etc.
  • This system price does not include the cost of shipping.
  • Zoning in your area may or may not permit PV systems.
  • Land use, building and electrical permit may be required.
  • Engineering reports may be required to clarify that soil can support a Pole Mounted system or that roof trusses can support a Roof Mounted system.
  • Prices are subject to change.


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