American Clay Sanded Primer


Application: Apply a thin, even coat to edges of wall with a brush, then brush or roll it on the remaining wall surface.

Preparation: Surface material must be firmly bonded to substrate, dry, clean and free of grease and dust. Any loose paint or surface material must be removed prior to application.

Coverage: 250 to 300 square feet per gallon, depending on absorbency of the surface.

Note: Maintain temperatures between 45 and 90 degrees fahrenheit for 3 days before, during and for 3 days after application.

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Prep American Clay Walls with Sanded Primer
Our American Clay Sanded Primer provides a uniform “toothed” surface that ensures a proper bond for plasters applied over new drywall, firm paint coats, sealed masonry or plaster and other substrates whose texture is not rough enough for plaster adhesion. Solvent-free and elastic, it is specially formulated to allow the plaster coats to remain breathable, reducing the formulation of mold growth.

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