American Clay Loma Natural Earth Plaster


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American Clay Loma Snow Canyon Natural Earth Plaster
American Clay Loma is the original formulation. Like all of the American Clay plasters, it softens up boxy rooms and adds a warm depth to your walls. Loma can be used to create a wonderful range of finished surfaces, from finely polished walls with beautiful depth and visual texture, to matte finishes, to rustric, textured walls. Colors range from architectural gray to oceans blues, to earth reds and golds, blending with any style home. It is made from a variety of clays, aggregate, mineral pigments and a non-toxic mold inhibitor.

Loma Finish
Loma is always used as the base (first) coat for all American Clay plasters, and may also be used as the final coat. Loma is the easiest to plaster for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who have little or no plastering experience.

Loma Coverage: One 50 pound bag of Loma, applied in a single coat, will cover 180-220 square feet.

Additional Items for American Clay

American Clay Sanded Primer
American Clay Sanded Primer provides a uniform “toothed” surface that ensures a proper bond for plasters applied over new drywall, firm paint coats, sealed masonry or plaster and other substrates whose texture is not rough enough for plaster adhesion.
American Clay Sanded Primer; 1 Gallon

American Clay Mud Glue
Mud Glue is both a binder and a primer for the Loma basecoat layer, as well as a hardening additive for the finish coats of Loma, Porcelina & Marittimo.

Package of American Clay Mud Glue

Artisan Finishing Trowels
Premium Japanese Fujihisa pointed stainless steel finishing trowel for use with American Clay Natural Earth Plaster.


American Clay Earth Plaster Pigments
American Clay Earth Plasters comes in a multitude of alluring and comforting colors. Each color pigment jar/bag comes with enough pigment to color one 50 lb. bag of American Clay.
Color Packs for American Clay Earth Plaster

American Clay Penetrating Sealer
American Clay Penetrating Sealer is a low-VOC, soy resin/acrylic spray-on sealer which provides increased hardness and sheen to American Clay products.
Penetrating Sealer

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