AFM Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax Finish


This organic plant-based premium penetrating oil for new and old unfinished woods is excellent on wood fencing, timberwork, furniture, decking, paneling and trim. It rejuvenates, weatherproofs and enhances the innate beauty of wood surfaces. Reduces peeling, blistering and cracking. Unlike products used for similar purposes, it’s benzene free. Non-flammable.

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AFM Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax Finish

Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax Finish is an organic plant-based premium hardener and sealer for unfinished woods. It is an ideal choice for all ready to finish wood and bamboo floors and other interior wooden surfaces including furniture. It contains a sophisticated combination of natural resins and waxes that together create a durable, water repellent, water-mark resistant finish and sealer, enhancing and maintaining wood beauty and breathability.


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Coverage will vary depending upon the type, age, and porosity of the wood and on the number of coats applied. Test patches will provide a good indication of likely coverage. In general, when applied in wet-on-wet coats to weathered wood, one gallon will cover from 125 square feet to 250 square feet; on new, relatively non- porous wood, from 250 – 450+ square feet.


Clean tools and equipment while they are still wet with AFM Naturals Diluent/Reducer or grain alcohol. Have good ventilation during clean-up.

Before Use

AFM Naturals Oil Wax Finish can be used on most unsealed wood, new or weathered. Surfaces must be cleaned of any grease, oils, dust, dirt, wax, prior coatings, adhesives and other foreign materials. Surface must be completely dry and stable before application. Moisture content of the wood must be below 12%.


New Wood: Sand wood smooth with 150 grit sandpaper to open wood grain. Rinse surface with water-dampened rags to remove sanding dust. Dust and dirt must also be removed from cracks or other floor irregularities. Surfaces in good condition may only need a light sanding and cleaning to prepare for application of Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax Finish. When staining new wood prior to application of this product, always test for Naturals Wax Finish and stain compatibility.

Old Unfinished Wood: Patch where necessary, and sand old wood surfaces with 150 grit sandpaper. Before applying oil finish, make sure surface is perfectly clean and free of dust, dirt and other foreign materials.

Old Previously Stained Wood:  Completely remove all old finish. Failure to remove the existing finish will result in a blotchy application due to uneven penetration and discoloration of aged finish. Adhere to ALL precautions and safety requirements when using strippers and finish removing equipment.


Every species of wood, and every piece of wood within a species, is unique and will react differently to a natural product. For example, soft or porous woods such as pine, alder, birch, fir, cedar and redwood may absorb oil unevenly; some woods may contain tannins and other extractives that will bleed through to the surface and affect appearance. Accordingly, ALWAYS conduct several test patches or a test coat to ensure compatibility and acceptability of appearance before application to the entire
surface. Although Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax Finish contains no formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients and requires no special protective equipment to apply, assure good ventilation throughout use and while product is drying. Protect adjacent surfaces not to be coated, including plants. Stir product thoroughly prior to use and occasionally during use. Do not thin. The temperature of the room, oil, floor and other surfaces to be coated should be 70-80 degrees F to assure good flow and proper curing. Unload material from brush by brushing material across the grain of the surface. Work material deeply into the surface. Final brush strokes should smooth material out in the direction of the grain and should blend back into wet areas. Allow 15-20 minutes of penetrating time and then apply a second coat, allowing an additional 15-20 minutes of penetrating time before removing excess oil*. Do not allow to puddle. Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax Finish may be sprayed using an airless sprayer with 0.11 tip or larger. Do not use Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax Finish on small enclosed spaces such as desk or dresser drawers unless they can be exposed to good ventilation. If desired and wood is still absorptive, another coat may be applied after 24 hours. Note: these instructions are intended to be general only and not exhaustive. The applicator should determine what preparation and techniques are best suited to the specific surface.


Drying conditions will vary greatly depending on application techniques and weather conditions. Allow 24 hours to dry before use. Typically cures to full hardness in 3 weeks. Dried surface can be buffed by hand or machine.

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Tools and equipment may be cleaned with AFM Naturals Diluent/Reducer No. 4099.

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