AFM Safecoat Deckote Concrete & Masonry Semi Gloss Floor Paint

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This unique waterborne coating is ideal for dimensionally stable decks including concrete, magnesite, walkways, breezeways and patios. It provides a hard, tough coating, yet contains no offensive solvents, fumes or odors. It dries quickly, cleans up with water and provides a tough, monolithic film for lasting protection. Standard in white, colors available on special order.

  • Available in white. Custom Colors are available for an additional fee (please call ahead if placing an order for custom colors)



AFM Safecoat Deckote Concrete & Masonry Semi Gloss Floor Paint

Safecoat Deckote Concrete Floor Paint is a Safe, Non Toxic, high performance, ready to use, waterborne coating designed primarily for use on dimensionally stable floors and decks including interior or exterior concrete, masonry, stone and brick. It is ideal for walkways, breezeways, tennis courts, patios and playgrounds. Also suitable for properly primed metal (use a safer metal primer such as Safecoat MetalCoat), and can be used on primed and properly prepared wooden surfaces with varying degrees of success depending upon environmental conditions and nature of use. Dries quickly to a tough, monolithic satin sheen film for lasting protection on properly prepared surfaces. Safecoat Deckote is virtually odorless on application and is available in bases for tinting to a wide variety of colors. It is compatible with other Safecoat sealers and coatings to provide additional finish protection, durability and appearances, and worn areas are easy to recoat and repair.


  • 1 gallon.



Approximately 350 square feet per gallon in one coat depending on surface porosity.

Surface Preparation

Remove any loose or peeling paint and scuff sand the surface (to create surface profile). All surfaces must be clean, sound, dry, and free of any dirt, dust, oil, wax, grease, mildew, mold, and other contaminants and debris before applying AFM Safecoat Deckote. New cementitious surfaces should age at least thirty days and have a pH below 10 before coating. Scrub surface with a solution of SafeChoice Safety Clean and water. Use 2-6 oz. of SafeChoice Safety Clean per gallon of water. Triple rinse to assure cleaner is completely removed. For the best adhesion on smooth surfaces with no surface profile, acid-etching may be required, followed by completely neutralizing the surface. Use extreme caution when working with acid and follow label and MSDS precautions. All acid residual must be removed prior to coating. Surface pH should be 7-10 for best results. Test surface porosity and profile by dropping water onto dry surface. If water drops fail to penetrate quickly, surface may need additional attention to create proper surface profile. Test for surface cleanliness by applying a strong tape (such as duct tape) to the cleaned areas and pull back up. The tape must be clean and free of any concrete dust or dirt. If particles or a white residue are still present, remove them completely with additional scrubbing, rinsing, and possibly etching.


Intermix (boxing) all cans of the same color to ensure color uniformity before applying. The surface should be completely dry before application. Always have adequate ventilation. Before using, stir well, then apply as is with a high quality nylon or synthetic bristle brush, pad applicator, sprayer, or roller of appropriate nap (3/8” nap recommended). Apply in two or more uniform, thin coats. Cross-roll to avoid lap-marks and holidays. Use an airless sprayer, minimum 2000 p.s.i., with a .015-.017 tip. Use a 60 mesh filter. Always use a painter’s mask when spraying. For best results, this product should not be reduced. Use only during low or moderate humidity conditions. This product is NOT recommended for use on unprimed wood, unprimed metal, vitreous surfaces, surfaces with little to no surface profile, or areas subject to severe hydrostatic pressure or standing water. Use product when air and surface temperature are between 50 – 90° F (10 – 32°C). Do not apply outside if the threat of rain or heavy humidity is imminent within 72 hours of application. Two coats are normally sufficient for most jobs. Additional cure time may be necessary if more than two coats are applied. Note: these instructions are intended to be general only and not exhaustive. The applicator should determine what preparation and techniques are best suited to the specific surface.


COATED SURFACES MAY BECOME SLIPPERY WHEN WET. A slip-resistant floor finish additive is available to help prevent slip if desired. Adding a slip resistant additive may reduce the life span of the product in heavy traffic areas.


Clean tools and equipment while they are still wet with a solution of SafeChoice Super  Clean and warm water. If Safecoat DecKote is allowed to harden on tools, it will be necessary to use lacquer thinner or stronger solvents.

Drying/Curing Time

Under normal conditions, Safecoat Deckote dries to touch in 4-12 hours. Allow 24 hours between coats. Normal conditions include a dry surface, access to fresh air flow, moderate humidity, and temperatures above 55°F. Safecoat Deckote can be put into service in 12 – 24 hours under most conditions, but will develop its full durability in 3 weeks after applying. Avoid heavy traffic and cleaning for a minimum of 7 days.

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