16″ UltraTouch Recycled Cotton Insulation Batts


We have currently switched to Applegate Cotton Insulation as our cotton insulation offering.

Both products are excellent, however, we believe you will find Applegate easier to install.



UltraTouch Cotton Insulation

UltraTouch Insulation is a Class-A building material that offers excellent thermal and acoustical performance. Made from natural cotton fibers UltraTouch does not contain fiberglass and won’t cause itching or skin irritation. The natural materials used to manufacture UltraTouch are individually treated with an EPA registered fungal inhibitor that offers excellent protection from mold, mildew, fungus and pests, as well as providing outstanding fire-resistance properties.

UltraTouch can be used for both interior and exterior walls as well as most ceiling applications. UltraTouch can be installed in either wood or metal framing cavities and between furring channels by using a simple friction fit. The product is safe to handle and install without the need for protective clothing or special respiratory equipment. UltraTouch contains 85% post-industrial recycled natural fibers making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to use a high quality sustainable building material.

  • Environmentally Safe
  • Class-A Fire Rated
  • Maximum R-Value
  • Superior Acoustics
  • Resists Mold & Mildew
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No Itch or Skin Irritation
  • A LEED Eligible Product


Thermal/Technical Information
* Tested in accordance with ASTM C -518 at a temperature of 75º F. Higher R-values equal greater insulating power.

R-Value* | Depth x
Width x length | SqFt/Bag | Weight
13 3.5” 16.25” 94” 84.88 35.6 lbs
19 5.5” 16.25” 94” 53.04 31 lbs
21 5.5” 16.25” 94” 53.04 35.5 lbs
30 8.0” 16.25” 48” 27.10 24.5 lbs


Properties Performance Test Method
Surface Burning
(Fire Hazard Classification)
Flame Spread 5 (Class 1)
Smoke Developed 35 (Class 1)
Corrosion Resistance Passed ASTM C 739
Fungi Resistance Passed – No Growth ASTM C-739
Bacteria Resistance Passed – No Growth ASTM C-739
Moisture Absorption Passed – Less Than 15 % ASTM C-739
Fire Test of Building Material Passed – 1 Hour Rating ASTM E-119 / UL-263

Product Compliances

The physical properties of UltraTouch Insulation regularly meet the requirements, specifications, standards and building practices of the following organizations.

  • Environmental Specification #1350
  • ICC Evaluation Report #1134
  • LARR ICC ER #1134
  • BOCA Building Officials and Code Administrators
  • CABO Council of American Building Officials
  • ICBO International Conference of Building Officials
  • LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • SBCCI Southern Building Code Congress International
  • California Bureau of Thermal Insulation Lic. #TI-1367/ Reg. # CA-T367AZ


Additional information

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