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With rising water and sewer costs around the country, and no end in sight, homeowners are looking to cut costs by using Waterless urinals in their homes, garages, man caves or vacation places. These urinals use absolutely no water, are more hygienic than a flushed urinal, are odorless and save dollars. The urinal is cleaned with a simple spray cleaner, the liquids are simply refilled. EcoTrap exchanges cost about$8.00, in a home about 2 x a year.

Waterless No-Flush™ urinals resemble conventional fixtures, and easily replace them. They install to the regular urinal 2” (50MM) waste line (for 1 ½” (38MM) waste lines, use a reducer bushing). They eliminate flush water supply lines. Flush valves are completely eliminated as well. No handles to touch, no sensors to install or adjust, no moving parts at all!

The urinal bowl surfaces are smooth and urine repellent; urine is 95% liquid and its drainage is effected without flush water through gravity. Daily cleaning procedures are the same as for flushed urinals, yet save time per urinal.


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