Sunstrand offers domestically-supplied natural building materials made from natural fibers, including CoreBoard, Natural Insulation, and Natural House Wrap.

Sunstrand’s thermal performance driven proprietary blend of locally sourced hemp fiber provides the functionality of traditional insulation without agitating the skin or respiratory system like glass fiber. The non-toxic binder is fire, mold and fungus resistant. Natural Fiber Insulation from Sunstrand not only meets or beats other “natural” fiber performance but also contributes to better in-home air quality.

Using the ASTM testing standards, Sunstrand measures individual fiber properties using tensile testing. The fibers contain the strength and stiffness, while the matrix binds the fibers into one cohesive unit and protects the fibers. Therefore it is imperative to understand the strength characteristics of individual fibers that are to be embedded into the matrix system.

Sunstrand Fiber Testing

Hemp varieties each have their own properties in terms of color and fiber quality lending to its designation for which it will be used. Currently, industrial hemp varieties produce little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and are mainly used for the cultivation of fiber and oil, with the woody core being underutilized.

Hemp has effectively been banned since 1945, but is now once again legal to grow within the United States. Sunstrand is implementing the multi-use properties of industrial hemp with the rigorous requirements of the composites industry with endless possibilities.

Sunstrand Hemp Fiber used in Hemp Insulation

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