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Black Mountain wool insulation is a general purpose natural wool fiber product designed for use in loft, rafter, attic, wall, and inter-floor applications. Black Mountain meets and surpasses US building product standards for Thermal, Fire, Mold Resistance, and Structural performance. Natural wool insulation from Black Mountain USA is a healthy and green alternative.

Not only does Black Mountain use up to 90% less embodied energy in comparison to many man-made insulation products, the wool fibres used in their products permanently absorb significant quantities of carbon dioxide during their growth cycle. Therefore natural fibre insulations are ‘carbon negative’ – locking up a substantially higher level of carbon than used during their manufacture.

Black Mountain Sheep Wool Insulation Rolls are also a popular choice for van and bus conversions and RV applications!  Sheep Wool handles moisture better than other insulation materials, and also handles road vibrations better.  Our Van Conversion Page summarizes some information for and from people doing van and bus conversions.

Black Mountain Sheep’s Wool Insulation rolls are currently on sale as part of our Fall-a-Wool-looza Fall Wool Winterization Sale!


Watch this video of Black Mountain Sheep’s Wool Insulation rolls used to insulate a loft: Video of Black Mountain Wool Installed in a Loft
Here is a video of Black Mountain Sheeps Wool Insulation being installed in a newly constructed Straw Bale House: Video of Black Mountain Wool Installed in a Straw Bale House


Wall, ceiling, and floor insulation is often used as a component of soundproofing.  Any insulation product will improve your soundproofing compared to a hollow cavity.

However, if you are attempting to address a serious sound control problem that is impacting health or relationships with family or neighbors, you will want to educate yourself on the intricacies of sound control problems and the corresponding solutions.  We recommend you start by visiting our friends at the Soundproofing Company as they are the industry experts.