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Solatube Diffuser Replacement

If you need or want to replace your Solatube Diffuser, the associated Ceiling Ring, or Effect Lens, you will first need to determine which vintage of Solatube kit you have. If your kit was purchased after 2010 then the replacement will be fairly simple.  If you are not sure when it was purchased, use the following diagrams to try to determine the vintage based upon how the diffuser is attached to the ring.

Here is the diagram for the current modern Solatube Diffuser assemblies:

Read the folowing excerpt to determine how to remove the Solatube Diffuser for the Solatube Vintage that you have.

If your Solatube Diffuser is from before October 2010, then you need a Bottom Tube Assembly in order to replace either the ceiling ring or Solatube Diffuser. The Bottom Tube Assembly includes the Bottom Tube Angle Adaptor (Preassembled with Ceiling Ring), Softening Effect Lens, standard Vusion Diffuser, and Foil Tape.

160DS (10 inch) Bottom Tube Assembly, Part# 121770
290DS (14 inch) Bottom Tube Assembly, Part# 124580

You can upgrade from the standard Vusion Diffuser to one of the other Solatube Diffusers at additional cost. Click here to view the selection of Solatube Diffusers.