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Call us: 231-399-0700
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New Retail Store Opens in Downtown TC

Eco-Building Products is pleased to announce the opening of our new retail store located at 130 Hall Street in the Warehouse District of Traverse City, Michigan. Since March of 2006, we had operated from a pole barn on the west side of Traverse City.

Now, we have made an ambitious move from the back woods to a downtown retail location and have hired two highly skilled employees to help with operations.The goal of our new store is to assist members of the Grand Traverse community to more easily adjust to a new and different lifestyle. The blend of eco-building products and systems will help the community to build and remodel more efficiently as well as live a more rewarding and lower impact lifestyle.Our high performing products are energy generating, energy efficient, natural resource sensible, durable, cost-effective and healthy for the environment and you.

Eco-Building Products has worked closely with a LEED accredited builder who installs most of the products and systems that we represent. Utilizing this builder’s years of experience and success with using our products, we have had an opportunity to learn how effective our products really are. This process, coupled with applying high screening standards (Life Cycle Assessment commonly known as LCA) and superior buying principles, enables us to carefully screen these products and offer them to you with full confidence in their performance as well as their environmental benefits.Below is a list of some products that we carry:

-Natural earth clay plasters

-No VOC paints and stains

-No VOC adhesives and sealers

-Low VOC penetrating oils and natural clear finishes

-Sustainable, high grade, harvested bamboo and cork flooring

-Natural linoleum flooring (5 simple and natural ingredients)

-Structural insulated panels made from formaldehyde free OSB and straw

-Wind turbines and solar collectors generating electrical and thermal energy

-Insulated concrete wall forms made from recycled wood chips

-Natural daylighting systems (tubular skylights)

-and more (take a look in our store)

Please forward this message on to others that might have an interest in our effort. This way, you can help us to continue to inform and supply the Grand Traverse community.