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Increased Rebate for Solar Energy System

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Considering solar energy for your home? Eco-Building Products is pleased to announce that the Solar Patriot SP-20 is now eligible for a $2,500 Energy Star Rebate, more than double the original rebate offer.

The Solar Patriot SP-20, designed and manufactured through BTF Solar, is northern Michigan’s best-performing northern climate solar thermal collector. The return on investment for installation of the SP-20 could never be better than today. Once funds are depleted, this rebate will disappear, so act quickly!

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Call (231) 399-0700 or email to learn how to take the first steps toward a solar energy system by utilizing the Energy Star Rebate.

3 thoughts on “Increased Rebate for Solar Energy System

  1. sounds great, but what are the numbers?

    1. Well…if you owe Federal Income Tax at the end of the year, you may reduce that liability by 30% of the installed cost of your renewable energy system. If you represent a business or organization, your business or organization could be eligible for a USDA grant that represents 25% of the installed cost of your system. If you are connected to a utility, Public Act 295 mandates the utility to provide its rate payers with rebates to improve their energy efficiency. In some cases, the rebate alone enables a return on investment in just 2-3 years.

  2. Energy Star Rebates are a great incentive for people to take advantage of energy and money saving products. Solar has made many advances in the past few years, and has become more and more affordable.

    Return on investment for solar has become equal and makes as much sense as the return on an investment in education.

    Hopefully, people take full advantage of the rebates while they are available 😉

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