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Create a Home Office in a Small Space Create a Home Office in a Small Space

Designing a Dream Office in a Small Space

If you’ve found yourself working from home and think you don’t have room for an office, think again. Whether you’re working with a small space or even a tiny house, it’s possible to create an amazing home office and include some eco-friendly upgrades in the process. The experts at Eco Building Products show you how.

The Small Home Office

There are many aspects involved in taking your small space from drab to stunning. Comfort, function, and aesthetics should play an important part in your planning. If you’ll see clients in this space, it should mirror your style and sense of pride in your company.


First, you’ll need to locate a quiet area in your home, one as distraction-free as possible in order to increase productivity. Next, set aside space for the items you’ll need, such as a computer, printer, and shredder. In addition, choose your furnishings and storage items and measure to make sure you have room for them. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, these updates will be appealing to buyers. Everyone is looking for home office space these days, so keep receipts and take before and after photos to show your updates.

Any time you can choose built in or dual purpose options, do it. These are the key to making a small space functional. Filing cabinets as part of your desk, or even a desk that folds out from the wall, can be great options for staying organized and operational. Be strategic about your space as you plan.

Better yet, keep your home office organized by digitizing your paperwork. A small scanner can work wonders for a small space. Go through mail and paperwork regularly, and either toss, shred, or scan your items. If there is any paperwork left over, tuck it into designated filing spaces right away. You can’t have a cluttered small space without feeling overwhelmed.


A search of the internet will provide you with many ideas regarding the cost of bringing your small office to life. If you need electrical work, it’s important to hire a contractor who can provide you with an estimate and complete the job safely. If you decide on a hands-off approach, contact a local contractor who can provide you with an estimate of a turn-key job.

Note that Eco Building Products offers green building products at affordable prices perfect for small spaces. If you will be updating your floors or want to add some soundproofing such as a cork bulletin board to your small home office, check out their selection.


When choosing furniture for your small office space, stick with space-saving pieces. Think fit, function, and comfort.Floating desks are an option, and those with storage are a bonus. Consider a small office chair that you can easily maneuver in your space, but make sure it’s still comfortable.
Storage doesn’t have to be an issue for smaller spaces. Wall-mounted shelving and ladder desks are great storage options. Attractive bulletin boards like these can decrease clutter, add soundproofing, and provide a visual reminder of important notes.

Decor to Wow Clients

When it comes to small spaces, less is more. Light-colored paint on the walls makes the room appear larger. Office lighting, such as wall lighting or pendant lights suspended from the ceiling above your desk, saves space and prevents computer glare, or opt for an adjustable vise desk lamp to spotlight your work.

A gallery wall is an impressive way to decorate a small office. Hang your favorite quotes, small shadow boxes, alphabet letters, and favorite mementos. A gallery wall is also a great place to hang a few of your favorite photos from company gatherings.

Incorporate a little greenery with a few hardy indoor plants. Air plants don’t require much space and look elegant in a glass bowl. If you’re not a plant connoisseur, invest in a low-maintenance cactus.

Small Home Office: From Concept to Reality

Designing the perfect home office to make the most of your space is quite an undertaking. However, with careful planning and out-of-the-box thinking, you can turn your space from drab to fab. This will leave you with an organized, welcoming and attractive office that could even bump up your home’s value.