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Let the Sun In with Solatube: Innovation in Daylighting

The Natural Light Solution for all your home needs

Looking to shed some light on the dark places in your home? Look no farther than Solatube day lighting systems, the simple way to bring natural daylight to hard-to-reach spaces. Using solar tubes to capture sunlight and distribute it downward, Solatube brightens up even the most difficult to light areas. These innovative tubular skylights are cost-effective, flexible and energy efficient.

Adding to an already efficient line-up of products, Solatube has introduced the new eChoice Day lighting System (DSE) that sets the bar for energy efficiency. With a focus on the thermal properties of solar heat gain coefficient, which measures how well a window blocks the heat from sunlight, and U-factor, which describes how well a product prevents heat from escaping, Solatube has separated itself from the day lighting competition.

With a solar hea

t gain coefficient of .20 and U-factor of .28, Solatube eChoice exceeds the standards written in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. These thermal dynamics are a step up even from Solatube’s original DS skylights, with a solar heat gain coefficient of .45 and a U-factor of .43.

The lower the U-factor, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and better it’s insulating value. The lower a windows solar heat gain coefficient, the less solar heat it transmits. This translates into beneficial heat gain in the winter, as well as a reduction in cooling loads during the summer by blocking heat gained from the sun.

With the purchase and installation of a Solatube eChoice Daylighting system, homeowners are eligible for a tax credit rebate of 30% of the products cost, up to $1500.

Natural Lighting Advantages: Earth, Ease & Health

Tubular skylights are environmentally friendly at their core, allowing the consumer to switch off electric lights during the day, providing significant savings on energy bills and lessening environmental pollution. Solatube day lighting carries the Energy Star label to highlight its enhanced energy efficiency, meeting and exceeding the stringent requirements of the Energy Star label through the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The compact and flexible design of Solatube eChoice day lighting make it ideal for any room in the house, including bathrooms, closets, hall

ways, kitchens, etc. It can be installed almost anywhere, including tight spaces and rooms without direct roof access.

Available in 2 convenient sizes (the 10-inch 160 DSE and the 14-inch 390 DSE), the entire Solatube skylight systems can be installed by a contractor in just a few hours, or completed by a do-it-yourselfer in less than a day.

Along with the health of the earth, the personal health of the consumer can be positively affected by installing natural light systems. Natural sunlight has been proven to enhance both physical and mental well-being, as well as boosting concentration and energy levels.

Technology: Skylight Design and Features

Solatube daylighting is at the forefront in solar tube lighting technology. Featuring a revolutionary reflective tubing called Spectralight Infinity, Solatube transfers up to 500 percent more light than any comparable item on the market. As the world’s most reflective tubing, Spectralight Infinity and it’s LightTracker Reflector provide the purest color rendition possible.

Solatube’ s innovative design also features a domed lens, which redirects low-angle sunlight, rejects overpowering summer midday sunlight and provides consistent daylight throughout the day.

Along with the new technology, Solatube eChoice daylighting systems provide several options for in-home diffusers. Featuring the Opti-View diffuser offering crystal clear daylight and a unique view of the sky, and the classic Vusion diffuser which harmonizes with any décor, Solatube natural light solutions blend effortlessly with the style needs of the consumer.

The Solatube eChoice also adds peace of mind with its innovative moisture control system that ensures the most air- and water-tight installation possible.

Accessories: Lights, Roof Vents, Dimmers & Extension Tubes

Along with quality-of-life and technological advantages, Solatube skylights come with a variety of accessories and add-ons to best suit consumer needs. The 10” 160 DSE can be easily fitted with a roof vent to create an elegant 2-in-1 unit for bathrooms, kitchens, or any spaces in need of ventilation.

Solatube skylight systems also feature several lighting options to maximize the use of solar tube lighting. Along with a daylight dimmer that provides control of the amount of sunlight entering the room, a light add-on kit is available to provide the convenience of a switched light for nighttime use.

The Solatube Daylight Dimmer allows the natural lighting of a room to be turned up or down on demand, providing unprecedented flexibility for tubular skylights. Easily controlling the amount of light desired in any room with the convenience of a switch, the patented variable butterfly baffle controls light output, making it perfect for bedrooms, family rooms, offices, classrooms and conference rooms.

The adjustable tubing design includes two Spectralight Infinity angle adapters, which allow for installation around attic obstructions. These come in 16” and 24” segments, designed to easily telescope together for easy installation with no cutting necessary. An optional 0-90 degree extension tube is also available, providing the ability to install around severe obstacles. With 3 built-in 30 degree angle adapters, the extension tube provides the freedom to install almost anywhere.

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Let the Sun In with Solatube: Innovation in Daylighting: written by James Barnes Eco Building Products 2012