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LED Sale Results

Benzie Solar Initiative did an incredible job selling approximately 230 LED lights through their organization last week! This amounts to big dollars saved—based on lights lasting for over 17 years if used four hours per day. Let’s see how that “lights up” statistically…

BSI membership and friends purchased:

  • 111 – 10W Viribright LED A Lamps that are equivalent to 60-75W Incandescent lights
  • 87 – 8W Viribright LED A Lamps that are equivalent to 50W Incandescent lights
  • 30 – 5W Viribright LED A Lamps that are equivalent to 40W Incandescent lights

Environmentally, this means that:

  • Replacing each incandescent light’s equivalent with its corresponding LED, over the course of its 25,000 hour life, will reduce the need to make about 234 mega-watts of electricity.
  • Eliminating the need for 234 mega-watts of electricity will prevent the development of about 117 tons of carbon dioxide.
  • Eliminating 117 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is like planting 878 mature hardwoods trees!

And, how about the financial results:

  • Over the 25,000 hour of life each LED is working, BSI membership and friends will have saved approximately $25,308 in electricity costs at $.14/kW hr
  • Furthermore, they will have saved a ton of money by not having buy a lot of incandescent lights that need to be repeatedly replaced!

Congrats to all who stepped up and participated. We send out a huge thank you and welcome your comments on your new purchase.

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