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Fight Winter Weather with ‘The Snow Bully’

The Green Snow Moving Machine. Burns Calories Not Gasoline.

Tired of your bulky snow blower bullying you around? Fight back this winter with ‘The Snow Bully’, a groundbreaking alternative for snow removal at your home or office from Snow Plow Plus LLC. Unlike the typical fuel-consuming snow blower or back-breaking basic shovel, the Snow Bully is an easy to use rectangular platform with roller-bearing wheels that keep the machine moving straight and easy without the upper body strength necessary to keep a mechanical snow-blower moving in the right direction.

The design of the Snow Bully makes it appealing to a wide range of ages, and can even add an element of fun to your snow removing chore! Dedicated to environmentally friendly snow removal and yard maintenance, this Michigan-made product leaves no carbon footprint, no noise pollution, creates no gasoline expense and requires no annual maintenance. The Snow Bully is made to last with a simple, durable design that will save you money and time from the very start.

Made in MISave some frustration this winter season and consider removing your snow in eco-style, with the Snow Bully!

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