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ChemLink Caulks, Adhesives and Sealants


ChemlinkChemLink is dedicated to providing green, innovative solutions to the complicated challenges faced by construction industry professionals every day. To meet this goal, they have developed green products that combine chemistry, engineering, and practical construction practices. At the heart of all Chem Link product development is a concern for worker safety and environmental stewardship.

ChemLink leads the industry in manufacturing green sealants and green adhesives and green waterproofing solutions that more than exceed current regulations in place regarding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and is prepared to continue to exceed requirements scheduled to be implemented over the next one to three years. Chem Link and Eco-Building Products are poised to remain your partner in green construction projects, with high performance products, for many years to come.

Chemlink is a great natural green and eco friendly caulk.

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