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  1. Hi, planning on using wool to insulate my Ford Transit low roof van. Shipping cost comes out to 50%. Any large shipments coming to So California I could add my order on for reduced shipping cost? Thanks. Gary

    1. Hi Gary,
      Are you looking to use the 16″ sheep wool insulation (nominally 14.5″ wide) or 24″ wool insulation (nominally 22.5″ wide)? We can usually ship smaller orders of the 16″ wool insulation a little cheaper, especially to the west coast including California, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada.
      Did you see our page covering van conversions, bus conversions (skoolies), and RV conversions? You can get to it here. This page includes information for and from people doing conversions.
      If you give us the quantities and roll sizes you want, we can try to find you the cheapest way to get it to you.

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