Quickflash Electrical Flashing Panels (case of 12) – Weatherproofing



Product Description


Quickflash Electrical Flashing Panels

Quickflash Weatherproofing Panels provide the natural building industry with the ultimate solution to weatherproofing plumbing, electrical, gas and HVAC wall penetrations and protrusions.

Quick, Reliable Installation

Quickflash is quick and easy to install, the patented, made in the USA flashing panels replace the old, unreliable caulking, tape flashing, and/or sheet metal flashing methods all together–saving the builder thousands of dollars a year from potential moisture related problems such as toxic mold and possible litigation.

Why Take the Risk with Inferior Systems?

Quickflash flashing is a key component in the building process. These panels complete the building envelope system and offer a no caulk friction seal for reducing liability for moisture intrusion, creating an air barrier, and even preventing insect infestation through the penetrations or protrusions. Caulking breaks down over time. Incomplete and improper caulking of penetrations is one of intrusion. Any time the building envelope is breached, proper sealing is essential. You flash everything else–doors, windows, vents–now you can flash the exterior penetrations as well, so why take the risk?

Quickflash also makes HVAC Flashing Panels and  Plumbing Flashing Panels!


Carton of 12


QuickFlash Panel Specifications

Additional Information

Weight 21.6

E- SGB-A 1 3/8″, E- SGB-C 1 3/8″, E- 3/0 B-A 1 3/8″, E- SGB-A 7/8″, E- SGB-C 7/8″, E- 3/0 B-A 7/8″, E- SGB, E- SGB-C 5/8″, E- 3/0 B, E- 4/0 B, E- PC 3/0, E- PC 4/0, E- 4/0SB, E- SGR


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