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Marmoleum Modular Marble Natural Linoleum Tile Flooring


  • From $5.29  a square foot
  • 100% Biobased tiles
  • Very durable
  • easy to clean
  • 25 year warranty
  • available in 10″x 10″, 10″x 20″,  20″x 20″ (Striato is available in 10″x40″)

Get Creative
Marmoleum modular natural Linoleum tiles let’s you create the floor of your choice.   Play, combine and connect, shape, size and color of the tiles you decide to use. Go beyond traditional ways of floor design and create your own concept with your tastes and aesthetics incorporated into you flooring. Now you can play with the shapes, sizes and tile formats you choose to create the floor you want to have.

Design your floor

Forbo’s flooring and wall designer you have endless possibilities drag and drop colors and styles and patterns into your design.

Forbo Flooring designer
Size in Inches (approx) Tiles per Carton Sq.Ft. per Carton
10″ x 10″ 40 26.91
10″ x 20″ 40 53.82
20″ x 20″ 20 53.82
10″ x 40″ 20 32.29



Product Description


Marmoleum Modular Marble Natural Linoleum Tile Flooring

Introducing Marmoleum Modular Natural tile flooring, a naturally sustainable tile collection comprised of 59 beautiful colors and 4 coordinated sizes designed to mix and match for endless design possibilities. Available in 10”x10”, 20”x20” , 10”x20”and unique 10″x40″ rectangular Striato tiles, Marmoleum Modular makes it easy to create inspiring designs ranging from timeless chevron, herringbone, and checkerboard patterns to modern mosaics.


Marmoleum Modular Natural tile flooring is Great for Designers, Architects and Engineers.

Marmoleum Modular Natural Linoleum Tile comes in three sizes and 44 colors. Select your sizes and colors using the menus in the shopping cart to your left.

All Marmoleum Modular Natural Linoleum Tiles are 2.5mm thick (1/10″nominally).

Size in Inches (approx) Size in Centimeters Tiles per Carton Sq.Ft. per Carton Price per Sq.Ft.
10″ x 10″ 25cm x 25cm 40 26.91 $5.29 / sf
10″ x 20″ 25cm x 50cm 40 53.82 $5.29 / sf
20″ x 20″ 50cm x 50cm 20 53.82 $5.43 / sf
10″ x 40″ 25cm x 100cm 20 32.29 $5.95 / sf



Marmoleum Modular Natural Tile Floor plan

Marmoleum Modular Natural Tile Flooring

Marmoleum Modular Natural Tile Flooring

Marmoleum Modular Natural Tile Flooring

Additional Information

Weight 18.9

10″x10″ carton of 40, 10″x20″ carton of 40, 20″x20″ carton of 20, 10″x40″ carton of 15

Modular Color

autumn leaf (t3425), barley (t2707), calico (t2713), clay (t3254), concrete (t3136), donkey island (t3407), dove blue (t3053), granada (t3405), graphite (t3048), horse roan (t3232), moraine (t3216), painters palette (t3423), shrike (t3246), sparrow (t3252), lava (t3139), serene grey (t3146)


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